Made in Germany

Product features

How does ThermobagPLUS®work?

The thermal effect of the ThermobagPLUS® is generated by the unique sandwich-structure of the bag and the improved material composition:

thermal effect of the ThermobagPLUS® generated by unique sandwich-structure

  • Tested and proved by international testing institutes. The performance of ThermobagPLUS® is outstanding
  • ThermobagPLUS® keeps the content on a constant temperature level for more than 3 hours. Even after that the temperature does not change significantly for hours
  • Food, beverages, drugs, cosmetics or other temperature sensitive products stay cool or hot and the quality of the product is protected

The outstanding product features of ThermobagPLUS®:

  • No ice or thermal packs need to be added in the bag.
  • Excellent hygienic characteristics, washable, high resistance to bacteria growth due to the complete film interior.
  • 100% food safe, made for direct food contact.
  • Perfect fitted handle provides a high level of carrying comfort.
  • Light weight, flat bags do not need much space, easy to store.
  • Consumer can roll up the ThermobagPLUS® and save space.
  • ThermobagPLUS® is not a throw-away product. It is intended for multiple usages.

Environment and Recycling

  • High-quality product, designed to reuse it.
  • 100% recyclable. ThermobagPLUS® consists of
  • only one type of resin.
  • ThermobagPLUS® does not contain other materials, e.g. no metal bottoms.
  • No BPA, Cadmium or any other toxic materials.