Made in Germany


  • Outstanding design: Latest production and printing technology meets all design demands of the customer.
  • Many formats available
  • Wide range of new and timeless standard designs: from neutral design which fits all purposes to many new motives developed for different topics and target groups
  • Harmonic design. Only the ThermobagPLUS® print goes up to the handle of the bag and covers it for an improved visual appearance
  • With customized prints it is an ideal platform for advertisement and promotion of brands and retail. Multiple advertising effects due to the reuse of the ThermobagPLUS®
  • Silver as the basic colour creates a high-quality character of the bag
  • Different colours of the handles will fit perfectly with the print
  • The ThermobagPLUS® with subdivided pockets offers an interesting additional design feature for beverages and other liquids
  • Also a postal bag is available. Very attractive to the online market

Standard Designs

Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Stay Cool"

Thermobag Thermobagplus – Design "Stay Cool"

Seasonal- and segment prints


Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Grill Saison"

thermal bag Thermobagplus – Design "BBQ Season"


Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Gute Fahrt"

thermal bag ThermobagPLUS® Design "Bon Voyage"


Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Fangfrisch"

thermal bag Thermobagplus – Design "Fresh Fish"

Travel and cool drinks

Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Stay Cool"

Health Care

Isoliertasche Thermobagplus – Design "Gute Besserung"

thermal bag Thermobagplus – Design "Get well soon"

Basic version in “Ice-silver”

Isoliertasche Thermobagplus –Design "Neutral"

Customized print

We offer ThermobagPLUS® also with customized prints. Our new 10-colour printing machine ensures the highest possible printing-quality. The fast realization of your own printing ideas is our strength. Our experienced staff guarantees a high competence in all questions regarding printing.

ThermobagPLUS® Druckerei

ThermobagPLUS® 10-Farben Druckmaschine